Melissa Lee is a singer/songwriter born and raised in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Melissa first played the drums at age 7, then transitioned to piano at age 13. 

There was always a whirlwind of music in her childhood home, from classical symphonies and opera, to country western, and rock and roll. This "tornado" effect of music inspired and influenced Melissa's songwriting, and by age 14, she was composing and arranging her own music. She has continued writing and performing for the better part of 40 years, in various venues as keyboardist with area rock and blues bands in local bars, county fairs and festivals including Wisconsin's Summerfest, in churches as a music director, and most recently, as a solo performer. In 2016, Melissa competed in a national singing contest, and won 1st place in the Female Masters (age 50+) category for both the State Competition in Wisconsin and the Regional Competition in Michigan.

While the stage was a natural comfort zone for her, Melissa's true passion has been songwriting, and it is reflected in the 9 original albums she has self-produced, arranged and recorded in her various home studios since 2007. Melissa has won awards for her songwriting as well and is a member of the Songwriters of Wisconsin  International (SOWI) and the Tennessee Songwriters Association International (TSAI). She also works with a team of domestic and international songwriters with whom she collaborates on various projects. In April 2021, Melissa and her lyricist, Joe DeLucas, won an award for their composition, "Cold December" at the TSAI Awards in Nashville. Melissa also had four songs nominated at the Josie Awards, held in Pigeon Forge in September 2021. 

Melissa's personal taste in music is quite diverse, and her collection of favorite artists and influences ranges from country and blues to jazz and classical music.  Melissa's "one-woman band" stage show reflected this in the variety of song styles she performed using her own unique 'backing track' arrangements that she recorded herself.

At the end of 2021, Melissa announced her 'retirement' from the stage due to health reasons, but she looks forward to continuing her songwriting for the foreseeable future. She also enjoys RV'ing across the country with her husband and their dog and cats.